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Obama said: Vote for revenge, and American must say vote for love, jobs and life.

Charles Chaput images (2).jpgLe patriotisme, comme l'affirme l'Archevêque Charles Chaput de Philadelphia, est raisonnable et peut dans un sens être considéré comme une vertu et donc acceptable. Le quatrième commandement nous dit : honore ton père et ta mère, en ce sens est vu le patriotisme, honore ton pays. N'oublions pas que le Décalogue dans son premier commandement nous dit :« Messire Dieu premier servi ». 

For those who believe in the Holy Bible, I join the interview of the Archbishop of Philadelphia who is son of the first nation. Question of Ethic concerning the choice American must remember and think about the morales's values, principles and issues. You will see the difference between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. 

obama.jpgObama a dit hier : I keep my promises, I say what I believe and I mean what I mean. He didn 't say what. He add:« People might not like what I believe but I deliver what I do believe and people knows that I keep my promises». All American must be aware of what he hides behind the drapes... and septic about what is his real agenda.

People shall remember that what Obama believe is what he deliver. By example : Terrorist attack is not existing any more it's always an act of a lone wolf.

Maj. Nidal M. Hasan shooting had kill 12 soldiers and wounded 32. Fort Hood Nov.2009.jpgLike Major Nidal Hassan (psychiatrist) who kill 13 people at Fort Hood and wounded 29 others in the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base. Let see how the first reaction was and how it turn after the Obama's administration put his words. General Jack Keane testified before a Senate committee that his firt reaction was: «...just how unacceptable the military failure to deal properly with Major Hassan's radicalization to violent Islamist extremist was». He also agreed with : « the report's conclusion that Hassan's open displays of violent Islamist extremist». A Senate report described the attack as« the worst terrorist attack on  US soil since September 2001».

Let see the turning key point. How suddenly all will be change. How investigators in the FBI and US Army determined that Hassan acted alone (lone wolf, so cherih to Obama), and yet have not found no evidence of links to terrorist groups. They didn't see any suspicious hazard that his communications with Awlaki, targeted in 2010 as a dangerous Al  Qaeda leader. So the Attorney General Eric Holder decided they were no evidence of suspicious terrorist attack so they will pursued him on a criminal base. We are in 2012 and to this day Major Nidal is not passing yet at the Court room for his case. It's always postponed to another date many month ahead.   

For the abortion He is the cheer leader of planned parenthood, he even, as a Senator of Illinois, vote in favor of the infanticide even if the new born baby, a boy, was alive at the only request of the mother. If he doesn't respect the life of any fragile person how can he respect the American People? He chooses the Elite of Hollywood but the American people are just neglect except to manipulate them and lie to them. Just look about Benghasy. Now he refuse to answer to any questions on that regards. He hides himself on the ongoing investigation !!! Does he waits for after the election? That's for sure even certitude.

Charles Ed. Durand

Glenn-Beck-rhetoric.jpg1) Addendum : I put a video of Glenn Beck who explain, in a talk show, why we shall awake and see how the evil is running the show in United States. He said: We Are All Catholics now. His talk is address to all denominations. It's a warning call. I must tell that he is not catholic. So... 

Charles Ed. Durand

Source: Daniel Hamiche, Wikipedia.

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