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In Memoriam september 09/11. Al-Qaeda is the mark of the devil, see what rebels does in Syria

2001 Ground Zero, The terrorists were in action at Ground Zero. See the 2 videos.

1) Ground Zero and 2) US National Anthem by the Academy Choir

Today as yesterday ''We the people of America will never forget'' that the devil is marching on our roads, eyes are wide open to see if we’re unaware that the enemy is the father of lies. Stay alert and save oil in your lamp. As say a great president. :

Abraham Lincoln America if destroy will by ourselves..jpg

In many muslims and Arabic countries in the world they will celebrate the terrorists, as they do every year. Never forget they never stop. Remember Fort Hood. 

Benghazi attack.jpg

        11 septembre 2001 chemise.jpg


Last year an unsolved scandal happens in Libya. Terrorists attack the consulate. 4 Americans were there in service for their country. In United States the Top One in charge left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi


J, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. RIP.


In memoriam we will never forget.jpg



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